Hair Growth Formula,100ml PLUS Shipping

R 250.00

Award winning hair growth oil in a 100ml value pack with a convenient easy application nozzle.

Tropical Jamaican Black Castor Oil, has been used for centuries to treat hair and skin problems, and people worldwide are rediscovering its incredible effectiveness in rejuvenating damaged hair and promoting hair growth for all hair types.

Here are just some of the benefits JBCO treatment can offer you:

⊕ Thickening and strengthening of hair

⊕ Smoother, shinier and softer hair

⊕ Treatment if dry, itchy scalp

⊕ Increased hair growth in thinning areas

⊕ Growth of eyelashes and eyebrows

⊕ Improved scalp circulation

⊕ Repair of split ends and hair breakage

⊕ Reduced hair loss

⊕ Improved eczema control

Pack size: Single 100ml bottle

Please select the shipping option: 100ml Courier in South Africa